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The Exposition of Anna Zharkov (2001)

The pregnant Anna is tormented by nightmares. The film is situated in a sanatorium where Anna’s dreams and memories are juxtaposed with events at Anna’s home, where she has two children. In the meantime, a special yet doomed relationship develops in the clinic between the young women and Leonore, one of the nurses. Much of the film was re-shot a second time from a monitor, for which the director developed a special camera. In addition, van Houten thought of a way to filter the images of Anna’s memories and re-scanned them to make the newly created images reminiscent of paintings.

The Exposition of Anna Zharkov is now available on the IFFR platform Unleashed. Watch it here.



Review overview

Peter van Bueren De Volkskrant 
(The film) “Is about motherhood, about mothers. (…) Anna of the film stands for the Annas of all time and could also have been called Mary” Read here page 1And here page 2 of the interview.



Anna Thalia Benus, visual artist
“Tableaux vivants that come to life, paintings, icons, images and symbols and all of this in an isolated inside world.” Read here part 1 and part 2.


 IFFR Bulletin
“The technical and artistic innovations resulted in a powerful, original and very personal film” Read more here

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Production Peter van Houten / Anna Zharkov Film Scenario Peter van Houten Camera Hans van Voorts Editors Paul Gerrits, Frans Beerens, Peter van Houten Cast Maria van Houten-Coppens, Leonore Folmer, Ellen de Laat, Matte Sluyter Production design Peter van Houten Sound Paul Gerrits Sales Anna Zharkov Film Playing time 108′ Subtitles English