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Author: Peter van Houten

International screenings Miel-Emile

The film Miel-Emile has been selected for Festival International du Film de la Rochelle in France. This festival starts on 28th of June and lasts until 7th of July 2019. The film Miel-Emile will be shown on Wednesday 2th of July at 4 p.m. We are invited to be present for a few days. You are very welcome to watch the film with us.

The Prishtina International Film Festival (Kosovo) is being held in Pristina from July 16th to July 21th. Peter will also be present here, while the film Miel-Emile will be screened.

Miel-Emile is also selected for the Vancouver International Film Festival 2019.

Miel-Emile screenings 2019

Below you will find the screening dates of Miel-Emile in Dutch Film Theaters:

02-04-2019 Press screening in Ketelhuis, Amsterdam – Start at 10.30 am
07-04-2019 prepremière in het EYE Filmmuseum Amsterdam,  Q&A – Start at 1.30 pm

18-04-2019 Cinecitta Tilburg,  Q&A – Start at 7.00 pm
21-04-2019 Filmschuur Haarlem, Q&A Frenk v.d. Linden –  1.15 pm
21-04-2019 Filmtheater Hilversum – Q&A  Luc Freijer – Start 7.00 pm
22-04-2019 Lumiére Maastricht – Q&A Wouter Greven – Aanvang 1.30 pm
23-04-2019 Lieve Vrouw Amersfoort – Q&A  Wilco Schuringa – Start at 7.45 pm
25-04-2019 Filmhuis Gouda, Q&A  Marjoleine van Duin – Start at 8.00 pm
28-04-2019 Groningen,  Q&A – Start at 3.30 pm

29-04-2019 Den Haag,  Q&A  Gerlinda Heywegen – Start at 6.45pm
30-04-2019 Filmhuis de Keizer Deventer,  Q&A Anton van Amersfoort – Start at 8.00 pm
01-05-2019 Lux Nijmegen,  Q&A  Ruud Vos – Start at 8.00 pm
19-05-2019 ‘t Spectrum Schijndel,  Q&A  Jac van Houten- Start at  2.00 pm.

From 18 till 25th of april Miel-Emile will be screened in the following  Dutch theaters:

Alkmaar, Filmhuis
Amsterdam, Eye
Amsterdam, Filmhallen – 18-04-2019 tot 24-04-2019 – Screening in the afternoon
Amsterdam, Rialto
Apeldoorn, Gigant

Arnhem, Filmhuis

Breda, Chasse
Bussum, Filmhuis
Den Bosch, Verkadefabriek
Eindhoven, Natlab
Leeuwarden, Slieker
Rotterdam, LantarenVenster
Zwolle, Fraterhuis

It is possible that Miel-Emile will only be shown a few times per theater. For current screening dates and start times you can consult the websites of the film theaters.

Confirmed Festival screenings:

International Film Festival de la Rochelle (France) from 27 June to 07 July 2019

World Premiere Miel-Emile movie on the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2019

A day before the official ticket sales started at the IFFR, the website of IFFR said that the screening of Miel-Emile was already sold out. The tension during an initial screening is always high, for the maker, but also for sound editor Rut Uijtendaal, for example, who has done his utmost to keep the sound on track. But also for the protagonists, Emile and Rilke, who were present.

Father and daughter, who saw themselves on a big screen for the first time. Rilke later said that she could watch the 2nd performance better and with more fun. Sometimes it was very quiet during the film, especially the letters from the mother, Lies, made a big impression. If you let yourself be carried away as a viewer through the stream of thoughts, images and sounds, you will go along with the rhythm of the montage and get touched.

The film impresses many people and after 2 screenings it was in 4th place with the Public Jury. We were very surprised and happy. Eventually the film ended on the 10th place. A wonderful result in this big Festival with more than 200 international films.

Miel-Emile will be released on April 7, 2019 at Filmmuseum EYE in Amsterdam. After that he will be screened in various Filmtheaters in the Netherlands.

Miel-Emile selected by IFFR 2019

We are very pleased that my latest film ‘Miel-Emile’ has been selected by the International Film Festival in Rotterdam.

It will be the 5th time in a row that the world premiere of one of my films will take place in Rotterdam.

Miel-Emile will be screened on the following dates:

  • 27th Jan 2019 at 4.45PM in LantarenVenster – cinema 6
  • 28th Jan 2019 at 9.30AM in Cinerama – cinema 3
  • 30th Jan 2019 at 3.15PM in LantarenVenster – cinema 5

The Film Festival takes place from 23th of January to 03th of February 2019. For more information, visit www.iffr.com.

Miel-Emile will be on show at EYE Filmmuseum Amsterdam from April the 18th and can be seen in Dutch film theaters from then on.

We hope to meet you on one of the above dates.

More information about Miel-Emile can be found on the film page. 

IFFR Unleashed

Four films by Peter van Houten can now be viewed via
the on-demand platform IFFR Unleashed, an initiative of the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

The films that are online are: The Exposition of Anna Zharkov, La vie de Jean-Marie, I’m still Alive, and Je m’appelle Liotta. You can watch them online here, for 5 euros each.