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My name is Liotta (2005)

The film revolves around a chance encounter between two pregnant women. One woman is Liotta, as in the title of the film. The other woman, wearing a red cloak, does not provide her name. Throughout the 12 hours that the film covers, she remains cloaked in total silence. Alongside apples and statues of Christ, children’s portraits play a major role as symbols in the film. The film maker says they refer to an approaching birth, but also to the fact that the woman in the red cloak lost her child and her husband in a car accident. The film maker is a follower of the thought that people’s urge to find paradise is linked to the individual experience they had as a fetus in the womb. The unconscious desire for this experience steers our everyday existence. 

My name is Liotta is now available on the IFFR platform Unleashed. Watch it here.

Review overview

Editorial IFFR 2006
“There are few films that are so pregnant with symbolism, that are told so powerfully with visual means and in which a clear rational story is found to be so unimportant. (…) a film with mystery and pictorial beauty.” Read more here.


Director Peter van Houten
“The film is about two pregnant women who happen to meet each other in Antwerp. Both are passing trough, but where to the journey will take them, isn’t clear. Read the full text here. 



Editorial IFFR 2006
“A dreamy and meditative inner journey, with returning locations, by day and by night.” Read more here.



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Production Peter van Houten / Anna Zharkov Film Scenario Peter van Houten Camera Peter van Houten Editor Peter van Houten Production design Peter van Houten Sound design Rut Uijtendaal Music Paul Gerrits Cast Ellen de Laat, Leonore Folmer Sales Anna Zharkov Film Playing time 88′